Netpadd B (Alpha)

Disclaimer: Netpadd is provided as is and comes without any warranties, use at your own risk! This is an early release, alpha version.

Netpadd B is a free text editor in particularly useful for plain non-cluttered and fast code editing, but also useful for all other text editing needs. Netpadd B is created in the form of a free browser-based application running as a Google Chrome "Application Shortcut" (it also works in some other browsers like Firefox/ Prism). You can install it locally or on your server; the HTML/JS/CSS front-end communicates via Ajax with the PHP5 back-end. On your server, Netpadd lets you manage text files (and upload other types of files) without FTP. Netpadd B is the cousin of older Netpadd, which was a compiled desktop app. Not needed for Netpadd B are MySQL, Flash, or Java.

Hovering over the wrench icon will expand the toolbox.



First, download the whole thing (v0.751).

Setup steps on the Windows desktop:

  1. Install WAMP (a Windows Apache/ MySQL/ PHP installation.

  2. If you haven't already, install Chrome.

  3. Drop the "netpadd" folder in your localhost directory and make sure it can be run at http://localhost/netpadd/ (also see footnote*)

  4. In Netpadd's "tools" folder, connect your preferred text/ code file extensions using the .reg (regedit) routines. For instance, open associate-several-filetypes.reg with a text editor, adjust the part where it says "philipp" to point to your own installation of Chrome, save & run the file.

  5. You should now be able to double-click your text files, and see them being opened automatically with Netpadd B (if not, please drop me an email). Note some parts of the program may need web access (like the syntax lookup feature, which uses Google).

Setup when using the program on your server:

  1. Create a password-protected sub-directory on your server, drop the Netpadd files into it; careful, anyone with access to that directory can edit your server's file, upload programs, etc. -- it's similar to giving someone full access to your FTP via your FTP credentials. Note that Netpadd will check for the availability of an .htaccess file in its folder via the "usesCorrectAuthentication()" function in site.php5

  2. If you haven't already, install Chrome (Firefox should also do, but is not as speedy at times; other browsers are untested)

  3. Access that folder via https, e.g. (also see footnote*) -- if you wish to not use https (not suggested for security reasons), edit the line "$mustUseSSL = true" in site.php5

*Ensure that index.php is a default file for a directory -- also see tools/.htaccess -- and that you're running PHP5.


Program features explained

To open Netpadd's menu, hit Ctrl + X or hover your mouse over the wrench icon in the top right. Other shortcuts will be listed in a tooltip when you hover over the toolbox items.


Known issues I haven't found solutions for yet


Want to add features to Netpadd?

This section isn't a tutorial but simply a tip to get you started on your own: If you know JavaScript and want to add your own menu entry to the program, open the file "default.js". Search for the string "handleReplace" and follow the calls from there to get an idea of how the program works. If you have questions or cool additions, please email me.



Thanks to David Mulder for giving feedback about Netpadd B!

Some icons are Creative Commons licensed by FamFamFam and FatCow. The Doid font is based on Google Android's Droid font, with some readability optimizations made in regard to programming characters like semicolon, comma etc. (optimizations on my specific system at least, using a laptop with ClearType disabled). I originally wanted to use Fixedsys but Chrome doesn't recognize that system font at the moment, and the TrueType replacements didn't have the same effect. Thanks to everyone who gives feedback on the program. The synonyms come from The translation and syntax lookup is handled via the Google APIs. Chinese characters to Pinyin conversion is done via Gadgets come from a variety of sources via