Technology has significantly assisted humans in several ways. Over the last century, technological creations have drastically changed our world for the better. Several inventions such as cars or computers have the life of many that much easier. Technological development is at a constant, and companies are reaching for the stars with these advancements. 



Some prime examples of innovations that have helped people in their daily lives

Vacuum cleaners 

In older times, people would clean their homes manually. Either by using a broom or wet cloths. However, this would take too much time and be only half as effective as modem day cleaners. 


A vacuum cleaner was solely-based on serving the purpose of efficiency and effectiveness. The vacuum cleaner allows users to clean a room spotless in minutes. The only manual work needed here is to hold the pipe and swipe it one or two times to get the space as clean as possible. And when you are satisfied, empty the bag for next time. 



Perhaps one of the most famous inventions is the smartphone. Being used by over a billion people worldwide, smartphones have allowed users to work from home, start a business, and use them for entertainment. Such a diverse device is only making tracks for future creations to be even more innovative. 


Although, there is debate on smartphones and the harm of overusing them. It is understandable that when used in moderation, it is one of the best creations. 


Air conditioners 

Air conditions have significantly changed the game. People who live in extreme climates require air conditioners for temperature control purposes. Without these machines, much would-be freezing without heaters, and others would be sweating with all the heat. 



As discussed, the world has seen many creations. Some successful, some failed the second they were revealed. However, it is safe to say that these technological advances have aided humans and changed the world!