Since the beginning of time, humans have been eager to make their world a better place for living. And by each passing decade, we got more and more advanced in technology. Especially now, in the 21st century, the world relies on technology. 

Mobile phones, or now better known as smartphones have impacted almost every area of a person’s life. They are now more common than ever. 

Back in time, the sole purpose of phones was to communicate. Now, we can perform a variety of tasks with just one click; from ordering food, to paying bills and booking tickets along with various other tasks.



Smartphones have also impacted our healthcare system tremendously. It has helped in improving the healthcare system by


Allowing us to set reminders

We can now set reminders for any doctor’s appointment that we may have or even for the times to take medicine. This makes the chances of missing our daily doses of medicines very low. Doctors too have an easier time contacting their patients as they can contact them via a text or a call and even remind them of their appointment.


Keep a track of our health

Mobile phones introduce new and more advanced features in their updates. One of its latest updates includes the feature to store essential health data on our phones. This includes our heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate.


Essential information regarding any allergies we have or any illnesses can be stored in your phone. This could prove to be life-saving in critical conditions as anyone with access to your phone can view this information.


Book appointments

We can now book appointments through our smartphones. This has been possible because almost every hospital or clinic has its own website which we can visit to book an appointment by providing our general information.


Online consultations

Technology has made online consultations possible. Now, we can book an online appointment with a doctor. The doctor will prescribe medicines just as they would if you visited the hospital or clinic. This is of immense help to those who are unable to visit a hospital at a given time.


Online pharmacies

We also have online pharmacies where you can order your medicines and they will deliver them to your doorsteps. Most of these pharmacies also have this feature where you describe your condition, (normal ailments such as flu, fever, cold or minor injury) and they will prescribe the medicine for you.